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I have this code in Raphael:

var myrect = paper.rect(10,10, 25,25);

The rectangle appears.

When I add this code:


...nothing happens.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, please? These Raphael transforms don't seem to be working for me.

Thank you!

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It could be that Element.transform takes a string as a parameter.



And see if that makes any difference.

Source: http://raphaeljs.com/reference.html#Element.transform

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I tried adding the transform as an attribute to a path and it worked: myPath.attr({ "stroke-width": "2", "fill": "#E5EDD8", "stroke": "#272424", "stroke-linecap": "round", "stroke-linejoin": "round", "stroke-miterlimit": "10", "transform": "T370,370"}); –  LauraNMS May 10 '12 at 13:53
You are correct! Thank you! –  LauraNMS May 10 '12 at 13:54

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