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i just tried PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory as proposed here . So my AppPlaceHistoryMapper looks like that:

    @WithTokenizers({ InfoPlace.Tokenizer.class, LogPlace.Tokenizer.class })
public interface AppPlaceHistoryMapper extends PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<TokenizerFactory> {


i also changed teh gin module:


but i won't gwt-compile. i get

[INFO] Compiling module de.stalabw.zensus2011.adb.AuswertungsDB
[INFO]    Scanning for additional dependencies: ...ClientInjectorImpl.java
[INFO]       Adding '57' new generated units
[INFO]          Validating newly compiled units
[INFO]             Ignored 1 unit with compilation errors in first pass.
[INFO] Compile with -strict or with -logLevel set to TRACE or DEBUG to see all errors.
[INFO]    [ERROR] Errors in '...PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactoryImpl.java'
[INFO]       [ERROR] Line 10:  The interface PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory cannot be implemented more than once with different arguments: PlaceHistory
MapperWithFactory<Void> and PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory
[INFO]    [ERROR] Cannot proceed due to previous errors

i just fixed the same error in my unit tests. there i have an Mock-Implementation. i just changed

public class PlaceHistoryMapperMock extends AbstractPlaceHistoryMapper<void> implements


public class PlaceHistoryMapperMock extends AbstractPlaceHistoryMapper<TokenizerFactory> implements

and the error was gone. but how to fix it for my "real" code?

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The problem is probably that you have a GWT.create(PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory.class) somewhere in the code (possibly generated by GIN), for which the generator attemps to generate a PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactoryImpl class (that class name is symptomatic) that implements both PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory (that's passed to GWT.create()) and PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<Void> (because the generated class extends AbstractPlaceHistoryMapper<Void>).

It really depends how your dependency on PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory is declared in your code.

IMO, you should probably have a dependency on PlaceHistoryMapper in your code, rather than some PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory. In case you need that dependency (because that's where you call setFactory), you should have a dependency on the parameterized type PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<TokenizerFactory>, which has to be mapped in GIN using a TypeLiteral:

bind(new TypeLiteral<PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<TokenizerFactory>>() {}).to(AppPlaceHistoryMapper.class);
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thx - your suggestion is better then my provider. –  dermoritz May 14 '12 at 6:38

ok i got it. the problem is


since there is no PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory.class this will bind the wrong implementation. my solution is a provider:

public final PlaceHistoryMapperWithFactory<TokenizerFactory> getPlaceHistoryMapper(AppPlaceHistoryMapper hm) {
    return hm;

that seems to work.

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