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I'm developing a Qt application in windows. I have created a lib file in visual studio. I have included the header file containing function prototypes in my Qt App and also added lib file in .pro file as follows

        win32: LIBS += -L$$PWD/../Lib/ -lCpLib
        INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/../Lib
        DEPENDPATH += $$PWD/../Lib
        win32: PRE_TARGETDEPS += $$PWD/../Lib/CpLib.lib

I called the functions from my Qt app. It shows compile error as "undefined reference" Please help me.


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The specification of your LIBS is passing linker arguments in gcc format (i.e. using -L to specify the directory and -l to specify the library name).

As you have created your lib file in Visual Studio, you'll need to specify the full library name


win32: LIBS += yourlibrary.lib

alternatively, recompile the libraries using MinGW

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