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This is a simple script to resize iframes, images and embeds to fit the window of a mobile devices. The problem I'm having is it doesn't run on page load and instead only runs if you refresh or resize the window. I've tested in Firefox and Chrome, so I'm guessing it isn't an issue with the browser but the code.

I'm loading jQuery 1.7.2 from Google as well as jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 prior to the script below.

 $(window).bind("load", resizeMobile);
 $(window).bind("resize", resizeMobile);

  function resizeMobile() {
    var h = $(window).height();
    var w = ($(window).width() - 30);
    var max_size = w;
    $("embed, iframe, img").each(function (i) {
      if ($(this).height() > $(this).width()) {
        var h = max_size;
        var w = Math.ceil($(this).width() / $(this).height() * max_size);
      } else {
        var w = max_size;
        var h = Math.ceil($(this).height() / $(this).width() * max_size);
      var url = $(this).attr('src');
      //handle ih embeds
      if (url.indexOf("/player/embed.html") > 0) {
        $(this).attr("height", h).attr("width", w);
        $(this).attr("src", $(this).attr("src")); //reload iframe to set new width and height
      } else {
        //$(this).attr("height", h).attr("width", w);
          height: h,
          width: w

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Its posible that the browser is restoring the page from the cache,with the javascript state, as if it was never unloaded from memory. So the page is not "loading", but continuing. You can empty the browser cache, close it and open it again, to test if is a cache problem. – Tei May 10 '12 at 14:12
Clearing the browser cache didn't seem to resolve it. I've also tried loading jQuery locally instead of from Google, removing the bind on load and setting a timeout function to run the function 1 second after the page loads. – Eric May 10 '12 at 14:34
Heres another idea: if load is called only wen all the resources are loaded, perhaps theres a pending resource that never finish loading, a social icon, or a external resource. – Tei May 10 '12 at 15:38
Just figured it out. The pages (also using jQuery Mobile) linking to the content I was trying to resize for mobile use needed to have data-ajax="false" set. Thought it might be something really obvious. – Eric May 10 '12 at 16:27

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