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I have problem with my app written in gwt and deployed on tomcat 7. The problem is that I couldn't get base url trough GWT.getHostPageBaseURL() method. I build next request:

new RequestBuilder(RequestBuilder.POST, GWT.getHostPageBaseURL() + "login");

but the result is 404 not found. The application is running in my url:
When I chenge the tomcat root context of my app to "/" than: works fine, so I need to get "myapp" from url. Have anyone some ide how to get this part of url? I don't want to put it as literal to request builder.

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2 Answers

so I need to get "myapp" from url

Use GWT.getModuleName() which gets the name of the running module.

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I'm tried this, but doesnt work. –  user1289877 May 10 '12 at 16:41
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You can use, GWT.getModuleBaseUrl(); It will return you the complete url your are looking for, i.e, If you just want the module name above approach suggested by Jamshid Asatillayev would just work fine, i.e., GWT.getModuleName();

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