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I'm trying to create pages on my site which display RSS google blogger posts. I'm using PHP, CodeIgniter, and SimplePie to parse the Google feeds.

Issue 1:

I want to be able to create a link using the guid on one page and then display the invidual blog post on the next page. So I have something like this:,

This doesn't work as the guid is not valid for urls and looks a mess (could use url_encode but don't want to). I wanted to get it like this:

To do this I need to understand the format of the guid. Is this a json object? If so how do I go about splitting this? I can use explode() to split it but I imagine there's a better way of doing it.

Issue 2:

I can display the feeds on my CodeIgniter / SimplePie site just fine but I can't display an individual feed easily. Here is my code at the moment (untested):

  foreach($feeds as $k => $item):
    if(  $item->get_id()==$this->uri->segment(3) ): //Does id of post match id passed in?
      <h1 id="main-heading"><?=$page_title?></h1>
      <div class="blog-date"><?=$item->get_date()?></div>
      <h3><a href="<?=$item->get_link()?>"><?=$item->get_title()?></a></h3>
      <div class="blog-desc"><?=$item->get_description()?></div>
    break;//End as we only want to display one post, need a better way of doing this.

Obviously this is a loop and not an individual reference to 1 feed.

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Question 1

You shouldn't rely on the GUID being a certain format, nor should you rely on it being a valid URL (unless the isPermalink attribute is set to true - omitted is supposed to imply true, but that's not always the case).

Your best bet is to simply hash the GUID. If you want SimplePie to do that for you, just use $item->get_id(true)

Question 2

If you're only trying to use one feed, then you should only be passing that one into SimplePie, rather than using the multifeeds technique. (It's possible in the future that we'll introduce a SimplePie_Feed class separate to SimplePie, allowing you to loop over each feed individually, but this doesn't yet exist.)

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Great advice thanks. I'll use the hashed version as suggested. Don't know why I wasn't just passing in one feed, seems easy now. – Adamantus May 14 '12 at 10:59

This may interest you pipes by Yahoo

Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

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Sorry but this doesn't really answer my question. – Adamantus May 11 '12 at 8:59

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