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What changes do you need to make to a Rails project to configure blueprintcss as the default stylesheet to be used when you generate scaffolding instead of scaffold.css?

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I'd recommend writing your own generator, but if you want to alter the default you can:

1 - For a single app: Freeze rails and change the stylesheet the scaffold generator uses.


2 - For all apps: Change the same style.css file in your systems rails installation.

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Substitute your own scaffolding generation code. Instructions are here (with the caveat that they may be out of date).

An easier alternative may be to write a Rake action to do textual substitution in the (normally) generated source.

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Look into Rails Templates.

You can write one to do much more than replace the css in a rails app. YOu can make it install gems, freeze rails, all kinds of things. Take a look at http://youvegotrails.com for an idea of what you can do.

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