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I am sending a post request in http but I don't want to send the HTTP header, and I came to know that by setting some value for CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER in a C program we can avoid sending the HTTP header. I want to know how I can do this.

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Please specify what exactly you are trying to do, sending a POST request without "the HTTP header" (what do you actually mean by that?) sounds very fishy. –  Julien Oster Jun 27 '12 at 22:38

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To remove an internal default header, set the header with no value right of the colon. Ie, if "Content-Type" is a default header and you want it to not be sent, you would "add" the header "Content-Type:" to the headers that you set with CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER.

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Your question is very confusing. You want to send an HTTP request without sending any HTTP headers at all? That's not possible - the headers are PART of the definition of the HTTP request.

In fact, you can send a blank HTTP request with no content but w/ the correct HTTP headers and that would be a valid HTTP request. But you simply can't send an HTTP request that has no headers (at all) but has a body, because without them, it's not an HTTP request.

Perhaps you just need to send a TCP message.

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