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Trying to build a simple like system in modx (which uses php snippets of code) I just need a button that logged in users can press which adds a 'like' to a resource.

Would it be best to update a custom table or TV? my thoughts are that if it is a template variable i can use getResource to sort by amount of likes.

Any thoughts on the best way to approach this or how to build this would help. My php knowledge is limited.

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Depends how you are going to use it after and if you are storing more data than just a 'like' count. TV's are expensive on resources [even more so if you are going to whip through the entire resource set with getResources] so if you are going to do a lot of processing after the fact I would either look at a custom table ~or~ explore using property sets on your pages [I think it should be pretty easy to write a plugin that will update a page property]

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I'd definitely go for a custom table.

While you could simply increment a numeric TV to count the amount of likes, you will come to a situation where anyone may be able to keep on liking a resource without limit - while you didn't specify the exact concept, that hardly can be desired. Using a custom table you could throw in a relational alias to the user ID that liked the resource, add a timestamp so you know when it happened, and let your fantasy run wild on additional features that are now open to you.

While not a hard requirement for custom tables, you will probably want to take the time to learn xPDO, which is the database abstraction layer MODX is based on. There's a great tutorial on the RTFM which walks you through it.

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