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I am an Adobe Flex developer and I am sick of Eclipse. Is there an alternative (free) IDE for Flex? I am aware of Tofino, but I can't get that to work on my MSVS Express editions, and I don't want to buy the whole thing. Help is greatly appreciated.

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If you aren't concerned with a visual designer, there is also FlashDevelop.

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The current version of IntelliJIDEA 8.1.x supports Flex which is pretty nice (along with debugger for Flex). However, there are some limitations with it but with the next version it has better Flex'ing support including AIR, FlexUNIT, etc...

I personally only used IDEA a couple of time for Flex projects, I prefer TextMate for Ruby and Flex and use FlexBuilder for debugging.

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Tofino not work on VS Express Edition, but is an alternative to Eclipse Flex. You don't have much more.

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There is Amesthst which is a flex development that runs in Visual Studio. I did not have the best luck in using it, or stuck with eclipse as that was the tool used by the rest of my group.

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Amethyst runs in the free VS Shell Edition. We released a new beta this week with a visual designer:

Download here:

If you need the VS Shell download the All-in-One installer for our Ruby On Rails IDE. This includes VS Shell and you can install Amethyst into that:

best wishes


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