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I want to modify my function that strips the tag from the value of a database record in the title of French pages:

Function removeSup(strToRemove)
    strToRemove = Replace(strToRemove,"<sup>","(")
    strToRemove = Replace(strToRemove,"</sup>",")")
End Function

so that it can read the contents of the tag. If the contents is a ® or a ™, then do nothing, but if it's MD or MC, then do the replace. I just haven't figured out how to read strings with VBScript so is this something that I should do with VBScript or have it passed to jQuery to do it?

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You could work with Regular Expressions but if i understand what you mean the you can do it as below. Jquery is javascript only, if this is for web, best not to mix vbscript and javascript unless realy necessary.

Function removeSup(strToRemove) 
    strToRemove = Replace(strToRemove,"<sup>MD</sup>","(MD)") 
    strToRemove = Replace(strToRemove,"<sup>MC</sup>","(MD)") 
End Function 
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Thanks Peter, that did the trick! –  stephmoreland May 10 '12 at 15:43

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