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I am using Solr's JSON output for AJAX example as a basis for my project. However I have modified things by adding a drop-down menu in the form and added faceting to the params.


function getstandardargs() {
    var params = [

Drop- down menu:

<form name="f1" onsubmit='xmlhttpPost("/solr/select"); return false;'>
  <p>query: <input name="query" type="text">  
  <select id="Entity">
  <option value="brand1">Universal</option>
  <option value="brand2">Paramount</option>
  <option value="brand3">Fox</option>
  <option value="brand4">Sony</option>
  <input value="Go" type="submit"></p>

I am trying to add the drop-down value to my facet query result as such:

var rsp = eval("("+str+")");
var c=document.getElementById("Entity");
var output=rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields;
html += "Entity: " + output+'.'+cat;

My facet response sends back: Entity: [object Object].Universal. How do I add the drop-down value to the response query correctly so Solr can actually return the proper facet values? Many thanks.

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you will undoubtedly reduce the complexity of this problem by using a library for your ajax request because:

  • you can easily do the dom manipulation required to turn them into select options
  • you can send the request arbitrarily with the expectation to get back an actual json object
  • you can avoid the use of eval

And since you said your response is "Entity: [object Object].Universal", can you try to use console.log( output ); to tell us what is returned in the object, officially? there's a possibility that by concatenating strings with an object, you're messing up the output object

if it is in fact an object, you can access it iteratively like this:

for(var x in rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields) {
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Thanks for the reply. console.log shows the window < Objects correctly in firebug: brand1 ["Eve2", 10, "RHCP", 6] brand2 ["Black_Keys", 6, "White_Stripe", 5] brand3 ["SoaD", 5, "BoB", 3] brand4 ["Doors", 3, "Cage_Elephant", 2]. If I statically insert any of the 4 brands (rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields.brand1) I get the correct facet results from Solr. However, I cant figure out why adding brand1 dynamically from the entity drop-down as a var with a '+' coughs on me... – Chris May 10 '12 at 15:13
you're not doing it dynamically, you're coercing the type incorrectly. the proper way to make those items is to create a for loop where for each array member you reference your rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields object. for(var x in rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields) { //do something with rsp.facet_counts.facet_fields[x] } – Kristian May 10 '12 at 16:00
yup... that did it, thanks a lot for the lesson – Chris May 10 '12 at 20:06

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