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I have a div with a lot of events. I tried two things:

1- Do the second part of the toggle with a conditional. It works but the response is not perfect, there is a delay of a second. I simplified the case here: http://jsfiddle.net/T26vF/2/

2-Then I tried with a simple toggle. When I click to an object it works ok. But here the problem is that when I'm in the first part of the toggle and I click to the background or to the other object and come back to the first object I have to click twice, (the first click still executes the second part of the toggle). I simplified the case here: http://jsfiddle.net/T26vF/4/


    // THIS
        function(){ $(this).children("img").animate({"width":"411px","marginLeft": "-85px","marginTop": "-80px"}, 900); 

        function(){ $(this).children("img").animate({"width":"233px","marginLeft": "0px","marginTop": "0px"}, 900); 

    // NOT THIS
    $(".arrodonit").click(function(e) {
        $('.arrodonit').not(this).children("img").stop().animate({ "width":"233px","marginLeft": "0px","marginTop": "0px",}, 900);

    $(document).click(function() {
       $('.arrodonit img').animate({ "width":"233px","marginLeft": "0px","marginTop": "0px"}, 900); 


I ask:
- What is wrong with my code?
- Why there is a delay if I make a conditional in the first case?
- Why I have to click twice in the second example?
- Is there a better way to do the same actions?

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This is just a trick, try using stop().animate() when you have a sequence of animation events, this will cut down your delay

Hope this helps

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What you say makes sense but I try to put .stop().animate for instance in the document and it don't work. If I click the first part of the toggle, then click the document and then click once again to the object and I have to click twice. I suppose that when I click the document it needs to quit the toggle and with the stop(); it doesn't happen. You can see it here: jsfiddle.net/T26vF/5 Perhaps there is something i do wrong. –  Nrc May 11 '12 at 8:26
why dont you have stop in other animates where it makes sense as well –  Dhiraj Bodicherla May 11 '12 at 8:32
I put stop(). in all and nothing changes. jsfiddle.net/T26vF/9 You can do it yourself, you can change it directly. –  Nrc May 11 '12 at 9:57

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