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I'm debugging my c++ code in Visual Studio 2010 and want to see the content of my array, say Q, which is 17x17. When I insert a breakpoint and try to debug, I see only the variable "Q". When I take it to the "Watch" screen and rename it to "Q,17", I see one level down.

But I want to see the other dimension,too. I can't write "Q,17,17". What is the proper command?

Thank you...

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You can't, at least not directly.

What you can do is put &array[0][0] in the memory window, and then resize it so the number of columns matches one row of array data.

Alternatively, you can put array[0],17 in the watch window, and then repeat it for array[1],17, etc.

Not the answer you were looking for perhaps, but the watch window, while pretty powerful, just can't do what you want.

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Thank you, that's fairly enough for me. –  Emre Turkoz May 10 '12 at 15:09

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