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I'm using VT.Background to display a background image in VT with a few columns.
But I can't find a way to use different colors for cells because they hide the background image.

I have tried to use OnBeforeItemErase but if I useEraseAction := eaColor the background bitmap area on the cell is also being painted, if I use eaDefault the color is not being applied.

Any idea how this can be done?

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Which part of the cell do you want to contain the different color? Do you mean the text color? Do you mean the background, but only of the part occupied by text? Please edit the question to be more specific. –  Rob Kennedy May 10 '12 at 15:13
Do you mean use a different background color in some cells but still blend against the background image? –  Leonardo Herrera May 10 '12 at 15:24

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Just an attempt to guess if that's what you are looking for:

Added a color blending function for non MMX CPU machines.

procedure ColorBlend(const ACanvas: HDC; const ARect: TRect;
  const ABlendColor: TColor; const ABlendValue: Integer);
  DC: HDC;
  Brush: HBRUSH;
  Bitmap: HBITMAP;
  BlendFunction: TBlendFunction;
  DC := CreateCompatibleDC(ACanvas);
  Bitmap := CreateCompatibleBitmap(ACanvas, ARect.Right - ARect.Left,
    ARect.Bottom - ARect.Top);
  Brush := CreateSolidBrush(ColorToRGB(ABlendColor));
    SelectObject(DC, Bitmap);
    Windows.FillRect(DC, Rect(0, 0, ARect.Right - ARect.Left,
      ARect.Bottom - ARect.Top), Brush);
    BlendFunction.BlendOp := AC_SRC_OVER;
    BlendFunction.BlendFlags := 0;
    BlendFunction.AlphaFormat := 0;
    BlendFunction.SourceConstantAlpha := ABlendValue;
    Windows.AlphaBlend(ACanvas, ARect.Left, ARect.Top,
      ARect.Right - ARect.Left, ARect.Bottom - ARect.Top, DC, 0, 0,
      ARect.Right - ARect.Left, ARect.Bottom - ARect.Top, BlendFunction);

procedure TForm1.VirtualStringTree1BeforeCellPaint(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree;
  TargetCanvas: TCanvas; Node: PVirtualNode; Column: TColumnIndex;
  CellPaintMode: TVTCellPaintMode; CellRect: TRect; var ContentRect: TRect);
  BlendColor: TColor;
  BlendValue: Integer;
  case Column of
    0: BlendColor := $000080FF;
    1: BlendColor := $0046C2FF;
    2: BlendColor := $0046F5FF;
  BlendValue := 145;
  if not VirtualTrees.MMXAvailable then
    ColorBlend(TargetCanvas.Handle, CellRect, BlendColor, BlendValue)
    VirtualTrees.AlphaBlend(0, TargetCanvas.Handle, CellRect, Point(0, 0),
      bmConstantAlphaAndColor, BlendValue, ColorToRGB(BlendColor));

Preview of the code above:

enter image description here

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This looks great... –  Leonardo Herrera May 10 '12 at 19:40
@Leonardo, thanks! I've just added a color blending function for non MMX CPU machines (hope it's the right and easiest way), but it's still just a guess what is being asked here ;-) –  TLama May 10 '12 at 19:42
This works like a charm! brilliant! 10x –  ZigiZ May 13 '12 at 12:20

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