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I have a WCF service using the per-instance call pattern. It is self-hosted, not using IIS at all. The service class instances another class with the pattern

var myfoo = new Foo().GetResultFromDictionary(something);

The Foo class reads from an embedded resource, does some lookups, and returns an object of Bar that the service class then uses.

Creating a new instance for a single call on Foo() seems like a waste. Once it loads, all instances of the service should be able to make the call.

Does anyone have design recommendations for this? I do not want to fall into the trap of over-optimizing and pre-optimizing if there is no problem here (eg if .NET Framework will take care of instance management for Foo), but I'm not sure.

All ideas appreciated, thanks.

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I am going to work through the System.Runtime.Caching bits, creating a static class that inserts into MemoryCache.Default when the static "constructor" is called, and reading from the cache on all subsequent calls.

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