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Using the python find function, I want to determine whether a string has an "=" sign in it. It could find anything else other a "=".

string: Math="Fun".

if (string.find("=") > -1):

Any ideas?

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The reason you're probably receiving negative votes is for asking a very simple question, without providing a short, self contained, correct example of what you've tried. – Darthfett May 10 '12 at 15:36

You can do this with the in operator:

>>> "=" in "dog"
>>> "=" in "do=g"

There is no need to use str.find() (or the deprecated string.find()) to do this, unless you want to know the index of the character.

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You can use the find method directly on the string:

>>> "a = b".find("=")

Alternatively (though not as nice a method of doing so), you can use the find method on the str class:

>>> str.find("a = b", "=")

As Lattyware suggested, you ought to use the in operator over this method, unless you need the index.

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