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I am trying to find a solution to open one div by clicking a link, and close/toggle all other open divs at the same time.

This is my code:

I thought this was the right way, but it doesn't work.

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you were close, but note that jsfiddle by default wraps everything in an onDomReady function closure, meaning that your slideonlyone function is no longer visible.

the jsFiddle you posted would have code like this

    function slideonlyone(){
        //your code   


one that onDomReady function exits, you would no longer have any scope at which to reference the slideonlyone function

I changed it to nowrapper, so that it would be available at the global scope. This is generally bad practice, and you should attach the click events via



rather than doing <a href="javascript:">

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you can try this code (just adopt it to your elements) this "slides open" a div element:

        height: '25%',
        fontSize: "3em",
        borderWidth: "10px"
    }, 1000 );   });

The just hide other elements with with the .hide() function. :) hope this helps a bit!

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