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I have a project that I'm working on that has a TreeView Control in it. For everything underneath Level 1, those nodes are being used as a bookmark function, so we want a Tri-State CheckBox there. I found a control that I'm using here.

However, as the top two levels in the TreeView do not need bookmarking, the customer wants an Image there. I found this page who's response gets CheckBoxes to disappear on specific Nodes. Unfortunately, the API calls clash with the ones used in the above Tri-State TreeView and they both can't work at the same time.

Basically, what I'm looking for is how to get Images in nodes on the top two levels, and Tri-State CheckBoxes on the lower levels. I'd be more than willing to try another Tri-State CheckBox if necessary.

Also, when the user clicks on the Image in the top two levels, the image shouldn't change. I found this page which does keep the image from changing, but removes the PlusMinus, Lines, and RootLines from the control.

Sorry in advance that this is such a ridiculous and specific request.

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Ok, I finally got this figured out. Using the Tri-State Treeview Control, I am able to still have access to the AfterClick event on the Treeview.

I had added a series of Checkbox icons to the ImageList, and after determining which CheckState (of the 3) my underlying object was in. Then I set the ImageIndex, SelectedImageIndex, and StateImageIndex (probably don't need the last one, but I was being thorough) to the proper index of the ImageList.

I won't post any code for now, but if you are trying to do the same thing, let me know and I'll upload until it becomes clear.

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