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I have a cell array of Matlab objects, something like:

objs = {Object1(), Object2(), Object3()};

These objects are all of different types. Some of them will have a method, let's call it myMethod(). I want to do something like:

for o = objs
  if hasMethod(o, 'myMethod()')

and my difficulty is that I don't know how to do hasMethod - exist doesn't seem helpful here.

I could use a try - catch, but I'd rather do something neater. Is there a way to do this? Should I just change my design instead?

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Another option is to use the meta class.

  obmeta = metaclass(ob);
  methodNames = cellfun(@(x){x.Name},obmeta.Methods);

You can also get additional information from obmeta.Methods like

  • Amount of input/output parameters.
  • Access type
  • In which class the method is defined.

Also, metaclass can be constructed from the name of the class, without an instance, which can be an advantage in some situations.

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Ah, found it. Not very exciting - you can get a list of methods with the methods command. So to check if an object has a method,

if any(strcmp(methods(o), 'myMethod'))
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that was my first thought, manually add a function getMethods to each class that returns all the methods, didn't mention because of the ugliness that would make. Nice to know that there already exists such a thing :p btw, you can also use ismember('myMethod',methods(o)) – Gunther Struyf May 10 '12 at 16:05

Why would you want to do that? You'd better have a good reason :p

Better make them inherit a general function from a superclass. Then you can just call that function for all of them, instead of looking up which class it is/checking if a function exists and then calling a function depending on the result (which is imo not very OO)

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Yeah, it does seem like a strange thing to do - but if Matlab gives us heterogeneous collections, it would be a shame not to use them :-D. Since the method is only meaningful for some of the classes, it wouldn't be appropriate to have it in a superclass. Solving the problem in a proper OO way would require me to make changes to lots of classes so that I can differentiate between those with and without the method. I'd rather put in some hacky reflection-style in statement :-) – Richante May 10 '12 at 15:51

One simple option is to use the function EXIST (along with the function CLASS) to check if the method exists for the given class:

if exist(['@' class(o) '/myMethod'])

Another option is to use the function WHICH to perform the check like this:

if ~isempty(which([class(o) '/myMethod']))
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I think these only work for pre-7.6 classes, where there is a @class folder? – Richante May 11 '12 at 7:20

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