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So what is happening right now is the following. When I am focusing on a rich text box in my WPF application, I can't seem to change the cursor from a Carat (or what ever the 'I' text selection cursor is).

This is a problem, because when the user hits Ctrl+S, I want the program to save, and I want to display the Cursor.Wait cursor. This works if I am focusing on any other control (Treeview, stackPanel, Menu), everything except the RTB.

Is it just built this way with no way around it?

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Take focus off the RTB? –  Blam May 10 '12 at 16:28

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FrameworkElement.ForceCursor Property set to True will override the cursor preferences established by child elements:

<StackPanel ForceCursor="True" Cursor="Wait">
    <RichTextBox />

Now RichTextBox will show StackPanel cursor.

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