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I have a big txt file ,with many strings ,say "string-I-want-to-change",now I need to change all of them into this :


I mean ,find a pattern ,insert something before and after the pattern ,but just keep the pattern.I tried many ways ,they just replaced the pattern with the string I want to insert.

I tried the method here Using RegEX To Prefix And Append In Notepad++

and here

regular expression to add characters before and after numbers

But they seem do not work with my version of notepad++,I am using the newest version 6.1.2

Some one please help me :) Thank you!

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Could you provide an example input and output and the code you used? – Larry Battle May 10 '12 at 16:35
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This would work for you.

find : (string-i-want-to-change)

replace : string-in-front-of-it-\1-string-after-it

test string :


output :


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