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AWS Console seems to indicate my tables have some data from my test put_item() calls, but I would like to actually see the data. Is there a means to do this in AWS Console? I've read something on AWS Explorer that can be installed as a plugin to eclipse or visual studios, but I'm a PHP developer who doesn't use Eclipse, so it seems silly to install a whole IDE just to ensure the correct data is being entered.

How can I check the data in my DynamoDB tables?

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[UPDATE] Amazon just launched "Explore Table" for DynamoDB in the AWS Management Console.

If you are using Visual Studio or Eclipse, you can use the AWS Explorer to see all of your tables and data.

In Eclipse it looks like this:

Screenshot of AWS Explorer in Eclipse

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How to view tables in Local Dynamo DB ? –  Vijay Balkawade Nov 20 '13 at 11:58

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