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I have a method I was converting from standard assertNull and assertNotNull to use assertThat.

I started changing a few of the assertions from:


To this:

    assertThat(callSession.getOutages(), is(nullValue()));

But when I have nullValue() inside is() I start getting inconsistent assertion failures that seem to span different test methods and it is hard for me to deduce the pattern of this failure except for:

When I convert the nullValue() alone like:

assertThat(callSession.getOutages(), nullValue());

The issue goes away.

So can someone explain why using nullValue()

static <T> org.hamcrest.Matcher<T> nullValue()

as a parameter to is()

static <T> org.hamcrest.Matcher<T> is(org.hamcrest.Matcher<T> matcher)

should not work?

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AFAIK it should work fine inside is(). Can you create a small example that reproduces the problem? –  David Harkness May 11 '12 at 8:43
I am trying to get one, but the error seems random but might be related to the akka thread registry that is involved in this test. –  Mick Knutson May 11 '12 at 12:15

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