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consider a query that looks something like this:

my $query=<<QUERY;

select * from foo1 where col < ?
union all
select * from foo2 where col < ?

Assume that the actual query really needs unions and can't be efficiently solved another way. The variable in the where clause will always be the same. Is there any way I can structure this so that I only need to pass 1 argument to execute instead of passing the same argument twice?

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You could use the list repetition operator.

$sth->execute(($value) x 2);
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In "real" databases, you can parameterize a query and pass in the query as an argument. Here is an alternative solution:

with const as (select ? as val)
select *
from ((select foo1.*
       from foo1 cross join const
       where col < const.val
      ) union all
      (select foo2.*
      from foo2 cross join const
      where col < const.val
     )) t

I am not suggesting that this is necesarily a good idea. However, I have at times found it quite useful to gather parameters into such a subquery and then join them in where needed.

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Could try the following, I'm assuming you're passing an integer to the where clause...

DECLARE @variableName as int

SET @variableName = ? --the value gets passed here once

select * from foo1 where col < @variableName -- and gets used here
union all
select * from foo2 where col < @variableName -- and here!
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