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I need to learn WCF for my project as I am building a client-server application under Windows. What's the best place to start. I've googled for tutorials and books but I couldn't find something suitable for starters. I would prefer a book.

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As for resoures: there's the MSDN WCF Developer Center which has everything from beginner's tutorials to articles and sample code.

Also, check out the screen cast library up on MSDN for some really useful, 10-15 minute chunks of information on just about any topic related to WCF you might be interested in.

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Look at PluralSight videos may be its easy way for you to start. Some of the videos are on MSDN for free.

Find book for yourself. For example this one could be easy to understand for beginner.

Look at WCF samples. Some samples can help you in learning.

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If you prefer a good book, check out Programming WCF Services, 3rd Edition by Juval Lowy.

Other WCF book recommendations are listed in this question.

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