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Is there any way where I can group Camel Contexts or routes based on property value?

I have my environments defined as -Denv="preprod" and I want to group/decide routes and contexts based on that. For example:
For dev env:

<camel:route id="foo" >
        <camel:from uri="seda:start"/>
        <camel:to uri="mock:result"/>

For Production:

<camel:route id="foo" >
            <camel:from uri="seda:start"/>
            <camel:to uri="jmsqueue:result"/>

I am using Spring Application Context to declare Camel Contexts

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You mentioned you use Spring then you can use spring property placeholders, and have different .properties file per environment. And then define the endpoints as <endpoint> and refer to these endpoints in the route. See this FAQ:

Then its a matter of configuring spring property placeholder to use your -D system environment to load the .properties file for the given environment.

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Instead of using Spring placeholder's to manage your routes, consider managing your configuration with Camel's Properties Component [1]. I personally prefer to be dependent on Camel's API instead of Spring's when configuring my routes.


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