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My goal: To have all Ruby source code and gems in jar files that are packaged with the war/ear. This is required because the organization I work for will not accept them being placed on the file system outside the J2EE container.

Using JRuby 1.6.7 on Weblogic 10.3 I am getting the following error. "LoadError: no such file to load -- active_record". My setup is that I have downloaded jruby-complete and am placing it in my web application. I also added ActiveRecord and its supporting gems to jruby-gems.jar using These directions. When I build my web application I added both jars to the war file lib and to the META-INF/lib in the ear file. I also tried adding them to the APP-INF/lib folder of the ear file. Still receiving LoadError.

Additionally I added the following to my loadpath as discussed here. I have done this with and without the beginning forward slash and with and withouth the "classpath:"

    List paths = new ArrayList();

All of my unit tests are passing and I have verified that the jar files are making it into the ear and war files. The unit tests cover using ActiveRecord to pull data from the database.

Because I won't control my deployment server I set my GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME environment variables to be an empty string. All the resources need to come from within the war/ear.

Also its worth mentioning that this is not a Ruby on Rails application nor can I make it one at this time.


Tried placing the gem files in jruby-complete.jar without success.

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You might be missing the Active Record libraries. If you are able to, try installing them via

sudo gem install activerecord 
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