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I am parsing the same Excel file in c# 4.0 on two different machines.
I get different values for xlWorkSheet.UsedRange on each machine.

My program targets the same interop dll on both machines:

-Runtime Version: v1.1.4322

Machine A

  • Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Excel 2007 (12.0.4518.1014)

Machine B

  • Windows XP 2002 SP3
  • Excel 2007 (12.0.4518.1014)

Column A of my excel worksheet is empty.

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet xlWorkSheet = GetWorkSheet();   

On machine A

((dynamic)xlWorkSheet.UsedRange).Column = 2

On machine B

((dynamic)xlWorkSheet.UsedRange).Column = 1

Any idea what may be causing this discrepancy?

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what are the runtime versions of Excel / Windows on those machines exactly ? – Yahia May 10 '12 at 18:42
I've updated the question with this info. Thanks – argyle May 10 '12 at 18:57
thanks for the update... which basically means that the Excel file (if it is bit by bit 100% identical!) itself is rather strange (might even be slightly corrupt) which in turn means microsoft is the only one who can help there... – Yahia May 10 '12 at 19:51
yes, the files are bit-by-bit identical – argyle May 10 '12 at 20:01
then ask MS (if you have a support contract that is). – Yahia May 10 '12 at 20:03

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