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The goal of this wiki entry is to create a comprehensive list of available rich text editors for err... traditional websites. By traditional we mean anything that isn't asp.net with server controls and viewstate. Open source and commercial options are both viable for discussion.

Why This Wiki

I have found bits and pieces of user feedback on which editors people like, but a lot of input lacks an equal comparison across the available solutions.


Editors should be compared on the following criteria: (If people suggest more criteria I will be happy to add them if appropriate)

  • Price
  • Browsers supported
  • Dependencies on other frameworks
  • Support level/developer community presence
  • Number & size of required include files
  • Number of lines for basic functionality
  • Editors visual appearance
  • Generated content quality (POSH/XHTML)
  • End user experience
  • Known bugs or missing functionality
  • Known quirks/general complaints

Please include the following:

  • The name of the editor
  • Version reviewed
  • A link to the editor's homepage

Dojo Toolkit


FreeTextBox 3.2.2

Not valid as it is a server side control

RadEditor 2009 Q1

Not valid as it is a server side control. I have heard a few people talking about getting the rad suite behave in asp.net mvc, so if someone wants to review this in more detail I will look at not discounting it.



YUI Rich Text Editor


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By and far my favorite because it is 'traditional', degrades gracefully in browsers that can't handle complex javascript, and produces standards compliant code.

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I've been using FCKEditor for about 7 years, and it's a wonderful little app. –  Adam N Nov 19 '10 at 0:59

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