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Does anybody try used MvcScaffolding/T4Scaffolding with Visual Studio 11 beta and Windows 8 Customer Preview? For me when I write:

Scaffold CustomScaffolder SomeScaffold

there is no result.

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When I try to install MvcScaffolding from NuGet, I get the message:

Sorry, T4Scaffolding and MvcScaffolding currently do not support preview 
versions of PowerShell 3 (for example, on prerelease copies of Windows 8).

It appears we will need to wait for an update from the authors. You can contact them through the MvcScaffolding NuGet package to request an update.

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The new versions of MvcScaffolding 1.0.8 ( and T4Scaffolding 1.0.7 ( solve the preview version of PowerShell issue. – Maurice Butler Sep 26 '12 at 10:00

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