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In C#, if I have a List<MyObj> where MyObj is a custom class with an overridden ToString() method such that each MyObj object in the List can be easily converted to a string.

How can I join this List<MyObj> with a delimiter, such as for example a pipe (|) into a single string.

So, if I had 3 MyObj objects whose ToString methods would produce AAA, BBB, CCC respectively. I would create a single string: AAA|BBB|CCC.

For a list of a simpler type, such as List<string> I perform this simply as: String.Join("|",myList.ToArray());. Is there a way I can do something similar to that? Or am I forced to iterate over the Object List and use a String Builder to append each object's ToString in the list together?

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In .NET 4, you could just use:

var x = string.Join("|", myList);

.NET 3.5 doesn't have as many overloads for string.Join though - you need to perform the string conversion and turn it into an array explicitly:

var x = string.Join("|", myList.Select(x => x.ToString()).ToArray());

Compare the overloads available:

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Thanks, exactly the info I needed. –  user17753 May 10 '12 at 19:10

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