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I want to show up a 3*3 grid like matrix view on top of a custom View.(That custom View is used as a view for displaying a ball acting upon the accelerometer). What I wanted to achieve is when the ball on that custom View is acted upon by accelerometer, it would move along the custom View(which I named "mSimulationView"), passing through any one of the 9 grid like boxes. Passing through any of the boxes(grid) triggers a directional control as that of joypad. I want to make the boxes(grid) visible to the users and also change the color of the box(grid) as the ball passes through it.

The problem is I have no idea about how to add the grid view on top of the custom View. If I add "table Rows" or "Grid Views", it would block the custom View completely. I was thinking of using "GLSurfaceView" for this purpose,but I am not sure if that will work or not either. I am trying to make a gravity Simulated Joypad for android.v2.1.

        android:orientation="vertical" >           

I need a 3*3 grid like structure on top of the linearLayout.

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why not draw the grid in onDraw of your custom view? –  Renard May 10 '12 at 21:08
Thanks that was really useful. I will try and look at the result right now. –  neaGaze May 12 '12 at 3:30

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