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It seems that the onmouseout event in the .izberiLokacija class is being triggered by the onmouseout event in <li>. Is this the way Javascript works or am I doing anything wrong. If that is the case please suggest a possible solution to activate onmouseout event in the .izberiLokacija class only when leaving the div itself...

<div class="izberiLokacija" onmouseout="alert('asd');toggleDivZaMalaMapa(2);">
                    <li onmouseover="toggleDivZaMalaMapa(1);">li1</li>
                    <li onmouseover="toggleDivZaMalaMapa(1);" style="border-top: solid 2px #00699B"> li2 </li>
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This is the way JavaScript works. Either put a handler on each <li> to prevent bubbling (with event.stopPropagation() or by returning false), or test whether event.target is what you want it to be in your .izberiLokacija handler. Read more on event bubbling, that should clear up the confusion.

Another way is to replace onmouseout/onmouseover with onmouseleave/onmouseenter. They're almost the same event, but the latter pair does not bubble.

Off-topic: You will be much happier if you move from alert to console.log; also, inline JavaScript is hard to work with; consider separating your JS and HTML.

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and onmouseleave/onmouseenter are not standard for all browsers, just works in IE, if you are not talking about jQuery mouse events. –  ocanal May 10 '12 at 19:44
Thanks for the tips, I do use separete .js file... edit: Now I get what you meant after reading the second comment, good to know... –  korun May 10 '12 at 19:48
@ocanal: Actually, currently it's Firefox, Opera and IE. Doesn't work on Webkit. But yeah, I guess one should use a library when messing with enter/leave. –  Amadan May 10 '12 at 19:54

Every time you hover over an element... the "hover" event will fire. Events will also bubble up the DOM tree and fire for each of it's parents... all the way to the body tag.

Please DO NOT assign events inline... it makes for hard to maintain code and bloated non-semantic markup.

Instead, try this (using jQuery... because everybody uses jQuery, right?)


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Thanks for the nice preview... –  korun May 10 '12 at 19:54

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