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I'm using dozer to map between my Model Entities and my DTOs. Now I'm facing with the problem that I need to map some properties of classA.classC to different properties of classB, but first I need to check for inconsistency, because if I don't classC will throws exception and the mapping will not work.

So assume that I have:

class ClassA {

   private String name;
   private ClassC c;

   public ClassC getC() throws ValidityException; 

class ClassB {

   private String code;
   private Integer value;


class ClassC {

   private String name;
   private Integer value;

   // Getters & Setters below

So now I want to map like this:


if access to ClassC instance from ClassA instance throws exception, I will need to map null for both b properties. From what I was reading I assume that I should use a CustomConverter in order to access ClassC instance catch the exception and map null in that cases, but not sure how can I implement this kind of converter.

Anyone could give me some ideas about how this can be implemented using Dozer?

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Are you sure you wrote the correct mapping? Because ,


In above snippet, you wrote name for classB. Actually it should be code.

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Yes I correct that, thanks, unfortunatelly it will not change much the concepts in the problem remains. –  Daniel Ardison May 21 '12 at 15:49
By default, dozer has map-null="true". So even if sorce attributes are null , they will be mapped. Correct me if I missed something. –  Priyank Doshi May 22 '12 at 3:47

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