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I need help to create an IDataObject to enable drag and drop of these 2 Items (Run and Help) For Example I need to do just like Windows Startmenu does.

to run them I use these

CComPtr<IShellDispatch2> pShellDisp;
if (SUCCEEDED(CoCreateInstance(CLSID_Shell,NULL,CLSCTX_SERVER,IID_IShellDispatch2,(void**)&pShellDisp)))
    pShellDisp->Help();    //Help
    pShellDisp->FileRun(); //Run

Can you guys help me out ?

PS: I need the drag with image Icons too


IShellFolder* desk = NULL;
                HRESULT hr =SHGetDesktopFolder(&desk);
                LPITEMIDLIST pidl2=NULL;
                ULONG cbEaten;
                DWORD dwAttribs = 0 ;

                hr = desk->ParseDisplayName(NULL,
                                             &cbEaten,  // This can be NULL
                hr = desk->GetUIObjectOf(parentHwnd, 1,
                        (PCITEMID_CHILD*)&pidl2, IID_IDataObject, 0, (LPVOID *)lpdataObj);


for run:

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This question is related to stackoverflow.com/questions/10587526/… from the same user... –  Anders May 16 '12 at 22:06

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I assume you only want one of those items in the data object at any point in time, in that case:

If you want to drag&drop both items in the same operation then things get hard. I don't know if both of those objects have the same parent. If they do then even the old CIDLData_CreateFromIDArray can handle it. If they don't then you could try SHCreateShellItemArrayFromIDLists and then use IShellItemArray::BindToHandler(...,BHID_DataObject,...). To support < Vista I believe you have to create your own CFSTR_SHELLIDLIST and add it to the dataobject.

Drag images are not really related to this and should be asked in a separate question where you include information about your IDragSourceHelper etc.

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The problem is... I dont have pidl or IShellItem for those items –  Carlos_rpg May 17 '12 at 10:29
You do now, use the answer from your other question... –  Anders May 17 '12 at 18:04

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