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So I have several lines in a file that looks like this


I am wondering if there's a script for sed and Regex to return these lines? I have tried the following and they didn't work.....

sed -n '/^\w+:{3}$/p' fileA.txt   
sed -n '/^\w:{3}$/p' fileA.txt  

Thank you so much for helping out!

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To use a brace quantifier with sed (if your version supports it), you either need to escape the curly braces or use -r. The same is true of the plus sign. However, sed doesn't support \w.

sed -nr '/^.+:{3}$/p' fileA.txt


sed -n '/^.\+:\{3\}$/p' fileA.txt
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This answer is completely silly. Firstly :{3} is equivalent to :::, yet longer and more difficult to type. Secondly, ^.* serves no purpose. It says "from the beginning of the string to here, there has to be at least one character". Since the match is already anchored at the end, this can be expressed with a single ., as in: /.:::$/. This means match three colons at the end of the line, preceded by a character. Of course there can be additional characters before that; that need not be mentioned. And this probably unnecessary, since a ::: line probably means the file is malformed. – Kaz May 11 '12 at 16:50
@Kaz: My answer addressed the OP's question as to why his use of quantifiers and escape didn't work. I used the same form he used and didn't address whether the regex might be "over-specified". As to whether :{3} is longer and more difficult to type than ':::', it is more flexible and easier to read. Silly answer? No. Matter of preference? Probably so. – Dennis Williamson May 11 '12 at 17:23

How about grep:

grep ":::$" fileA.txt
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This might work for you:

sed '/.:::$/!d' fileA.txt
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