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soo tired and I know I've seen this before but Google's not helping I'm making a single-page backbone powered WP theme. The data is just the wordpress JSON API data & I've happily used backbone on a few projects now but this time its not playing nice.. It's doing this (showing html tags instead of.. well using them):

enter image description here

here's the render code:

this.template = '<div class="post-list">{{#posts}}<article><h2>{{title}}</h2><span class="postcontent">{{content}}</span></article>{{/posts}}</div>';

            if(this.model.get("rawdata").posts!=undefined && this.model.get("rawdata").posts.length>0)
                var posts = [];
                    posts[i] = new PostModel(this.model.get("rawdata").posts[i]);
                this.postCollection = new PostCollection(posts);
                this.htm = Mustache.render(this.template,this.model.get("rawdata"));
                //handle no-data result error
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Try putting & before the variable name in the template

{{& posts}}


{{& title}}

It's all in the documentation

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nice!.. never seen that before great tip... I can go to bed now!... thanks – Alex May 10 '12 at 21:02

Another option is to use triple mustaches:


It's in the documentation too. This option works in Nustache as well.

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