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I had a gitolite pre-g2 repository I am attempting to get going on g3.

I copied over the entire repositories folder, and started with a clean g3 conf file, and removed all the gl-perms files to have a clean slate. I am trying to get a couple repos up and running with per-repo permissions.

Specifically I have my admin access keys and can clone and push the repo. This is defined the gitolite.conf as:

@admin = nikolaj

repo @all
    RW+ = @admin

Then for the individual repo, I made sure my name (nikolaj) was in the gl-creator file, and removed the old gl-perms file.

I then try to run

ssh git@myserver perms my/repo

and I get

FATAL: sorry you are not authorised

Any help on how I can go about debugging this is greatly appreciated!

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1 Answer

Make sure you followed the migration guide and did preset your gitolite.rc file

If you don't preset the rc (in this case, by commenting out the 'ssh-authkeys' line) before running gitolite setup, your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file will get clobbered.

In your case, you did get a new gitolite.rc file, but still check if your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is still intact (with a forced-command using nikolaj as parameter)

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