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I have a hierarchical query in Oracle 11g that gets me all my leaf nodes out of my tree, and it works great. However, I need to try and capture each part of the path separately while I traverse to my leaf node. Is there some way to do that? either with a modification to my query or a second query??

Any help is really appreciated!

Here is my query:

select c.id, 
   SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH(c.name, '>>') as PathName
from mytable c
where c.activestatus =0 AND
  c.id NOT IN(select distinct c2.superid from categorizations c2 where c2.superid IS NOT NULL)
start with c.superid IS NULL
connect by prior c.id = c.superid;

So currently I get an output like: id, superid, name1, >>name1>>name2>>name3>>name

Which is good. But I'm trying to somehow capture each of the node names (because I need to output it in XML).

So right now my XML for each leaf node looks like


I'd like to somehow be able to get XML that looks like


....or something like that, basically I'd like to be able to output my tree hierarchy to XML.

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What would the output look like? I'm not sure what it means to you to capture each part of the path separately –  Justin Cave May 10 '12 at 20:54

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You could use <project> instead of >> prepend another and then use the level pseudo-column to append one </project> per level

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