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I'm working on a thesis project in order to do an "integrated indoor / outdoor" navigation system for mobile devices (Especially Iphone).

I need information about public transport, until a few days ago I used this service: http://www.google.com/m/directions

but it doesn't work anymore for some reason.

I saw that there are Google APIs directions but they only work in walking, bycicle, driving travel mode and they don't work for "transit mode".

Then I saw that there are no public API for Google Transit service .

I was wondering if there is an "API" or a "way" to extract data from public transportation?

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That's a question that would fit perfectly with area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/49339/… –  gcamp Jan 27 '13 at 1:06

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and thanks for posting your question. I too am working on a similar transit project on my own, and I think to answer your question, the best answer was provided here:


I wish I had something original to provide on my own, but I'm trying to use the data that my city provides and develop an algorithm on my own that serves as a trip planner. By no means is this an easy task, but I guess that's what separates the good developers from the mediocre ones. Please contact me if you have any ideas, and I hope you do well on your thesis project.

Take care. Sincerely; Fayyaz

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Many public transit agencies make their route information available in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. In fact, this is the format that is used by public transit agencies to submit their information to Google.

You can search for the transit agency of your choice at http://www.gtfs-data-exchange.com/ or look for them at https://code.google.com/p/googletransitdatafeed/wiki/PublicFeeds. You can find out more about GTFS at https://developers.google.com/transit/gtfs/reference.

Of course, you'll have to write your own code to parse the data, probably store it in a database, and determine the best route from point A to point B. But you also don't have to worry about someone else's service suddenly stopping working on you. (The worst thing that can happen is http://www.gtfs-data-exchange.com/ goes away, in which case you need to find another way to keep your data up to date.)

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An alternative list of publicly available GTFS feeds: code.google.com/p/googletransitdatafeed/wiki/PublicFeeds –  MrTJ Apr 16 '14 at 10:47
Thanks! I went and added that to the answer! –  Trott Apr 16 '14 at 15:23

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