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Does anyone know something about MVS and JCL?

Is it possible to explain to me what MVS is? And what JCL is used for?

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I believe you are referring to MVS and JCL.

MVS is the operating system for the IBM mainframe systems and JCL is the job control language for the mainframe. You could correlate MVS to Linux and JCL to Bash for example.

The AS/400 / iSeries / IBM i / i5 is considered a midrange machine. It's operating system is called OS/400 or more recently i5/OS.

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To expand a little bit on the name MVS:

MVS was added to the name of the OS/VS2 operating system in the late 1970s. It stood for Multiple Virtual System, pointing out the ability to run many tasks using virtual storage concepts in one machine. Eventually the OS/VS2 was dropped.

MVS stayed in the name through the MVS/370, MVS/XA (eXtended Architecture, 31-bit) and MVS/ESA (Enterprise Systems Architecture, data spaces) period, up until the mid-1990s, when the operating system was renamed OS/390, which was followed up in the early 2000s with 64-bit support by z/OS, the name still used today. However, in IBM documentation, the core operating system components are still referred to as MVS.

There are many good Internet references that expand on the history of the IBM System/360 and successor operating systems.

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