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Currently, I have a datum saved, at ini file, it is used a QSetting class. I wonder, how I could convert it to std::string without using qt. Does anyone know how to determine the code and how decodec?

My Data:


I would like to do

std::string data = convert(dataID);

where convert is a pure c++ function

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You want to take data serialized by Qt and deserialize it without Qt? Why serialize it with Qt in the first place? –  ildjarn May 10 '12 at 21:06
@ildjarn Probably a non-Qt application needs access to something saved by Qt application, and likely without being able to change that other application. Agus - you have access to the source file for QSettings, so you could always check to see how it is decoded internally there. –  tmpearce May 10 '12 at 21:12

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Does anyone know how to determine the code and how decodec?

Yes, you can do it. Read this document.

Keep in mind that QT stores string data in datastream in UTF16 encoding, and std::string stores 8bit strings. So you'll either need some encoding conversion routines (UTF16->8bit) or just drop every character that isn't in ASCII.

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