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Here's my file structure:

Server_A                  Server_B
==============            ==============
/path/dir1/               /path/dir1/
           logA.txt                  logA.txt
           logB.txt                  logB.txt
/path/dir2/               /path/dir2/
           fileC.txt                 fileC.txt
           fileD.txt                 fileC.txt

I need to rsync path/dir2 from server A to B, but not path/dir1.

My rsync command looks like this:

rsync -arv --exclude '/dir1' /path/ root@server_b:/path

But every time I run it the result shows dir1 in the print out:

sending incremental file list
sent 52147 bytes  received 23342 bytes  14405.50 bytes/sec
total size is 215619123  speedup is 2851.02

What am I missing?

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I'm not convinced that you've accurately transcribed the commands you're running. If I have a directory /tmp/src that looks like this:


I can sync it to another server -- and exclude /tmp/src/dir1 -- like this:

rsync -av --exclude=/dir1 /tmp/src/ server:/tmp/dst/

And the run looks like this:

sending incremental file list
created directory /tmp/dst

This appears to exactly match what you've described in your question. I'm using rsync version 3.0.8. I would advise examining both your actual rsync command line and the filesystem closely. If you don't see anything obvious, can you post the actual command you're runing, along with a top level directory listing (unless it's huge)?

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