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I am trying to use IO::Event to detect when a new file is added to a directory. I am new to the IO::Event library, and would like to know if it can be easily implemented.

I tried the code below to see if I can get it to do something with no luck. It crashed when I tried to use opendir instead of open.

I am just looking to see if this library can provide me with what I am looking for. I don't need a solution in plain Perl as I can code it myself. the only reason I am looking at this is because I want to use Proc::JobQueue::EventQueue. I can code the solution just using Proc::JobQueue, but thought that this might be cleaner.


use warnings;
use strict;
use IO::Event;

open my $dirhandle,'/some/path/here/';

my $event = IO::Event->new($dirhandle);


close $dirhandle;

sub ie_input{
    print "ie_input called\n";

sub ie_read_ready{
    print "ie_read_ready called\n";

sub ie_werror{
    print "ie_werrory called\n";

sub ie_output{
    print "ie_output called\n";
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I recommend you to use File::ChangeNotify and File::ChangeNotify::Watcher for that.

use File::ChangeNotify;

my $watcher =
        ( directories => [ '/my/path', '/my/other' ],
          regex       => qr/\.(?:pm|conf|yml)$/,

if ( my @events = $watcher->new_events() ) { ... }

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