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I am using schtask command with powershell. The problem that is occuring is that when it is C:\Program Files\ it thinks the path is just C:\Program and the rest of the path is an arguement. I have tried to escape it by using `" pre and post of the field but did make a differnce. How can I accomplish this? I cannot hardcode the path because it can be changed when the user install it.

I was creating this in Windows 7 x64. It creates the task ok the script returns. However, when I view it in the Task Schedular, properties of the task, then actions, and hit edit. It shows the program as C:\Program and then the rest as the argument.

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$folder = Split-Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path -Parent
$app = "\Demon.DatabasePurge.exe"
$exe = $app.Insert(0, $folder)
schtasks /create /tn "Demon Purge Job" /sc daily /st 00:00:00 /tr $exe

Here is what I tried:

$folder = Split-Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path -Parent
$app = "\Demon.DatabasePurge.exe`""
$exe = $app.Insert(0, $folder)
$exe2 = $exe.Insert(0, "`"")
schtasks /create /tn "Demon Purge Job" /sc daily /st 00:00:00 /tr $exe2
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I tried it out using the notepad++ exe under C:\Program Files and your original code worked fine. It created a scheduled task for me. –  Andy Arismendi May 10 '12 at 23:53
Your original code is working for me too with C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToy.exe. On which OS are you working ? –  JPBlanc May 11 '12 at 5:47
Maybe I wasn't specifically clear. I am able to create the task; however, it will not run. I was using Win7. So I create the task and if you browse the task, right click properties, actions, edit. My task would show the program as C:\Program and then the rest of the path as the argument. I'll update the description. –  Brad Semrad May 11 '12 at 14:38

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I was having problems with this as well.. anyone else with this issue the answer is to include single quotes

/TR "'C:\Program Files (x86)\etc\test.exe'"
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and job done, ta! –  JSancho Jul 30 at 12:22

I had the same problem on Windows Server 2008 R2. While Microsoft support indicates you should be able to surround the command with \" I never got that to work, but single quotes work. Moreover, arguments with spaces can also be surrounded in single quotes:

schtasks /create /f /tn "Test" /tr "'c:\program files\test.bat' arg1 'arg 2 with spaces' arg3" /sc Daily /st 00:00

or when building up a string to execute (and using your $folder variable):

$createTask = "schtasks /create /f /tn `"Demon Purge Job`" /tr `"'$folder\Demon.DatabasePurge.exe' arg1 'arg 2 with spaces' arg3`"" /sc daily /st 00:00
Invoke-Expression $createTask

The first example produces the following task action screen: enter image description here

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