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While just a little issue, based on the doc, I should be able to create a re-usable block. It could be my lack of Scala experience juicing me here...

I have a List of Strings that get passed to the .scala.html file. The strings are javascript file references without the ".js".

@jsFileWithExtension(file: String) = @{
  val newFile = file + ".js
@for(jsFile <- headJs) {
   <script src="/assets/javascripts/@jsFileWithExtension("@jsFile")"></script>

It's currently loading the jsFile without the extension.

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Try this:

@jsFileWithExtension(file: String) = @{ file + ".js" }

@for(jsFile <- headJs) {
   <script src="/assets/javascripts/@jsFileWithExtension(jsFile)"></script>

Your jsFileWithExtension needs to return a value. Right now it returns Unit. Then as Daniel pointed out the parameter to the function does not need the quote or magic @ char.

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Why not simply append a .js ?

@for(jsFile <- headJs) {
   <script src="/assets/javascripts/@(jsFile).js"></script>
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Key here is the enclosing in () as otherwise .js looks like a method call to play – ThomasS Dec 3 '13 at 12:32

Doesn't this work instead:


As in, without quotes and @ for jsFileWithExtension parameter, given this is already Scala code?

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No, it doesn't (at least not for me!) I probably should have pointed out the methods I tried :) – Frank LoVecchio May 10 '12 at 23:39

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