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I have 2 different content scenarios:

  1. show a post with a dynamic url for instance: .. and so on basically it can be anything

  2. Show a predefined page for instance which could also be: <-- anything after /contact is an action to perform on the page.

My router conf looks like this,

""                 : "pageRoute" // homepage
"*post"            : "postRoute" //<--catchall for dynamic urls
"about*action"     : "pageRoute" // these
"contact*action"   : "pageRoute" // are
"gallery*action"   : "pageRoute" // all
"home*action"      : "pageRoute" // predefined

PROBLEM Only problem is that ONLY the postRoute method ever seems to get fired?

i've also tried: "contact/:action" "contact/*action"

but no luck. I've read the documentation but I can't see my issue.

EDIT:ANSWER make the dynamic postroute the last in the config list thanks to @asawyer below

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Make the dynamic route the last one in the list.

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OMG! why on earth have i been thinking that it was so important that it went first?.... that's it.. off to bed. THANK YOU – Alex May 10 '12 at 21:34
@Alex Glad to help. – asawyer May 10 '12 at 21:43

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