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I know PHP can connect natively to mysql. So what language can natively connect to postgresql?

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Some of the options for connecting in to PostgreSQL are listed here:


Referenced from that page are C programming through ECPG or protocol-oriented libraries, and drivers for Java (a type 4 JDBC driver), .NET, ODBC, Perl, Tcl, and Python.

Also possibly of interest are the languages in which PostgreSQL functions, usable from within SQL statements, can be written. PostgreSQL ships with support for functions in SQL, plpgsql, Tcl, Perl, and Python; and some of the languages for writing functions supported by external projects are Java, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Scheme, and sh.


As noted on the above page, you can implement your own procedural language within PostgreSQL.

These lists are not complete; these currently seem to be the most popular languages.

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