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the scipy.special.gammainc can not take negative values for the first argument. Are there any other implementations that could in python? I can do a manual integration for sure but I'd like to know if there are good alternatives that already exist.

Correct result: 1 - Gamma[-1,1] = 0.85

Use Scipy: scipy.special.gammainc(-1, 1) = 0


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I typically reach for mpmath whenever I need special functions and I'm not too concerned about performance. (Although its performance in many cases is pretty good anyway.)

For example:

>>> import mpmath
>>> mpmath.gammainc(-1,1)
>>> 1-mpmath.gammainc(-1,1)
>>> = 50 # arbitrary precision!
>>> 1-mpmath.gammainc(-1,1)
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thanks, I did a brief search online but failed to find a standalone solution. Guess this is one of the few occasions that I install an extra package for a single functionality ;-) – nye17 May 11 '12 at 1:30
what does the 'mpf' stand for? – LuizAngioletti Jan 4 '14 at 14:12

I just had the same issue and ended up using the recurrence relations for the function when a<0.

Note also that the scipy functions gammainc and gammaincc give the regularized forms Gamma(a,x)/Gamma(a)

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